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Roofing Services

Are you experiencing problems with your roof? Roof leaks are one of the most common problems encountered by home owners. A small leak can create a lot of damage if not repaired. Has a recent storm blown off shingles or a ridge vent, or has a critter chewed a hole in your vent pipe, or has the caulking dried? No matter what the cause we can find and fix it. Our experienced team of roofing professionals will work quickly and efficiently to fix your leak and repair any damage to your roof or home's interior. By putting off your roof repair, you could end up causing extensive damage to your roof's decking, interior walls and ceiling.

Your roof and gutters many have leaves, debris, mold and lifted shingles, or dried caulking. We recommend you have your roof maintained every season. Good maintenance extends the life of your roof for 5 - 8 years on average. Not only do we do the standard maintenance services of removing leaves, debris and cleaning the gutter, we caulk pipe jacks, flashing, exposed nail holes and paint the pipes' vents extending through the roof of your home. In addition, we inspect for any fascia wood rot due to a lack of drip edge on your roof. We check in your attic for leak stains and potential moisture that can cause mold to develop.

Re-roofing your home is a significant investment. Our roofing professionals are ready to serve you. If you have storm damage, we are ready to support you in your claim process to ensure you get all the damage identified and covered. If you need to replace your existing roof, we will give you a fair price and great value. We install all types of different roofing materials to meet your needs. Our roofing material supplier is one of the biggest in the business, and with their selection of roofing options, you can enhance your home's look and value. Our roof installers pledge to work quickly, efficiently, and clean up after it is done. Our contractors are highly trained and ready to work on all types of roofs. Our roofers are insured and carry workman's compensation. We'll finish the work on time and within budget. You can be assured your roof will be "Up Right, Weather Tight".

All services are provided by a professional craftsman and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Call +1 800-532-0475 now to schedule an appointment.